Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new church family

After getting everything situated on Friday and Saturday, it was time to get plugged in with a church.  I had a done a little bit of praying and searching while I was still in Texas.  I found one - the River Community.  It was great - I felt right at home and got connected with a small group right away.  The pastor taught straight out of the bible (a BIG plus and needed attribute if I was going to attend regularly), and the people were genuine and helpful in getting me connected.  The sermon taught was out of 1 John 3:1-10 - about being a genuine Christian and how to tell the fake from the real - basically encouraging us to strive for purity and holiness/righteousness.  It fit right in line with my current walk with Jesus.
That Monday I got right in with a small group, who is just finishing up Erasing Hell by Francis Chan.  God is pretty awesome in this area because I had just zipped through all of his books.  I can't help but think how big and awesome God is - to even fathom all that has happened to me recently and now how a nice second home has been waiting to welcome me.  He truthly is the Most High - like we were reading out of Erasing Hell, I wouldn't have done it that/this way...

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