Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Arrival to Fayetteville, NC :)

The excitement began to build as I crossed into North Caroline.  I could hardly believe it myself, but I was almost to my next home.  When I arrived, I was quite pleased with the apartment complex.  As I made my way around the complex to my door, I was left confused.  No lock box which meant no key to my apartment – not to mention the office had just closed.  What to do?  Well, I did what anyone would do… panic – no just kidding, I got ahold of maintenance and was in my apt within 20 to 30 mins. J YAY – I was ‘home’.
While waiting for the key to show up, I started unpacking and piling up all my things near my door.  Needless to say, I think I brought WAY too much stuff (I will be downsizing…).  As I got my key, I moved all my belongings into my apartment.  WOW – was my first impression of the apartment.  My agency did AWESOME!
The first night was great, I got everything situated – although I had to make a late night run to Walmart for a few items.  Thankfully my uncle was also getting into town that night.  So – we made a run to Walmart and bought my items (some food and bed sheets – the ones I brought didn’t fit the bed… heehee – oh well…).
The next morning I woke up and finished unpacking – yet again, thinking to myself – I brought too much stuff… So I started making a pile of things to send back...  (Thanks mom and dad. heehee)
I had my first incident at my apartment. (Would you expect anything else? It me we're talk'n about here) Here’s how it happened… Before going to sleep I noticed the alarm system near my door.  (me being me, I thought - oh what fun - buttons!) So, I started pushing buttons and before I knew it, the thing is armed.  Granted, I thought the apartment complex set up the alarm system with the code I picked a few days prior to my arrival.  When I got up, I completely forgot about arming the alarm and headed out the door.  But I was quickly reminded because this awful intrusion alarm sounded.  So, I entered the pin number but nothing happens… Oh no! Now what do I do? What anybody else would, of course – jump outside in the hallway and slam the door.  Thank goodness my neighbor saw me! I asked her if she knew how to disarm the alarm…but hers was different than mine.  Oh what fun!  I then got on the phone with the after hours help and was informed that my alarm system wasn’t set with my code – doh – but then I asked, well, how do I disarm it? They gave me a code and poof the awful sound stopped!  YAY!
With all that, I got to meet my neighbor and then enjoyed my first cup of coffee in my apartment.  J 
The weekend went pretty well. In a nutshell:  Arrived Friday, got all my things unpacked and settled in by Saturday and Sunday I found a great church family.  Next up – Monday for orientation at my new job.
Here are some pics of my apartment: