Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vacation adventures

With all that has been going on with my life, a vacation was in order.
And it just so happened that my parents were going on a three week vacation.  So, here I am - enjoying a nice three week vacation here on the East coast.  :)  To help top it off, my aunt and cousin have joined us!
Our adventures included the following: NY - visiting my uncle; NYC; Hershey's factory, various places in VA and DC - to name a few.  :)
I got to pick apples in an orchard... it was a hike but oh boy are these apples delicious!  Yummy!
The three weeks has wrapped up and now I'm beginning my next adventure of travel nursing.  :)  Soooo... more posts about these adventures to follow.
Enjoy the following pictures from the vacation:

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