Monday, August 13, 2012

Waves of Life reflections

I thought I'd reflect some here today...mainly current events. :) Considering my situation with my knee and all this extra time on my hands.'s pretty interesting to see how God works.  Back around January this year, it was really pressed upon my heart to begin making some financial changes.  Granted the years prior I was able to pay off my credit card debt - which I am so grateful I did that. :)  The main goal for me was to build up my savings - but my first reaction was more along the lines of - really, really - do I need to build that up, I mean, come on - I want to live in the moment.  After settling down and looking over it maturely, I decided to get into action.  (little did I know how important it would become in the next 6 months...)

And then the next few months would be sort of a blur... A friend of mine came back from Africa and became my roommate - which I was really looking forward to, even though I had a small place.  It was great having the company when both of our schedules matched up.  Then she got married in April, so I was back to my own little world of just me and my apartment.  Still trek'n along with my savings plan.

Then around the beginning of May, my life inverted and spun me around but it actually has turned out for the better. Seriously, who knew?  So - May 10th in the morning I head out to Pepper Creek Trail with a friend to go roller blading.  This is my second time on them.  I was starting to get the hang of it - so we decided to go for another round.  Then before I knew it, my right knee hit the ground and left leg went straight out in front of me, twisted and popped and I was down for the count in pain. (full story is a few blogs back...)  Fast forward through the pain and doctors...

Now I'm waiting for surgery, I was placed on disability and unable to work.  So, this means my schedule was wide open!  Minus the fact that I was now restricted to getting about on crutches...  :/  Instead of staying at home, I decided to go visit my brother and sister-in-law and nephews.  Also, during this time, friends helped me with groceries and I also had some spare time to catch up on movies.

While in East Texas, I was able to visit a friend and hangout a bit prior to arriving at my brothers place. And during my stay with my brother, I was able to reconnect with my nephews on a deeper level.  It was fantastic! We swam, talked and played on the Wii.  The deeper level was prior to swimming because I had them all say something nice/something they liked about each other prior to jumping in the pool.  I was also able to provide support to my sister in law on so many levels. :)

Surgery day has arrived.  My sister came down and stayed the night so she could drive me back to our parents house after surgery.  :)  Gotta love family.  My parents have opened up their home for me to crash at while I'm recovering.  I'm enjoying my time with family.  Plus I got to enjoy a family reunion down in Yoakum, TX!

Now I'm in the middle of recovery and about to start physical therapy.  Looking forward to learning new lessons in patience and humility.  Those are the two main ones right now.

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