Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ok - I'm a single 34 yr old woman who's getting caught all up in the throws of life... i.e.: lately it's been looking for a husband (it could very well be other things too - like career advancement, travel pleasures, but for me, the husband idea has been in my head for sometime)...
I think I've completely lost my mind. Why has it come to this? Am I not content? A very good dear and close friend of mine keeps me pretty straight and her words seem to echo in my head right now. Am I content? I thought I was but if I'm really honesty with myself, I'd have to say that I'm not because if I truly were, then why in the world am I searching. I'm searching in all the wrong places... Facebook for leisure time, dating sites for a man of God, movies to escape. But I've forgotten the most important one - Jesus.
I have forgotten my first love. Just sit on that for a bit and let it soak in. I. have. forgotten. my. first. love. ouch...

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