Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Now don't get me wrong - I have hope and it's in Jesus.  Right now I have a lot on my mind and heart.  For one - my feet are restless and are itch'n to travel.  This is something that I have always done - probably from growing up as an Army brat and then going into the Navy.  I never really stayed in one place for a long time.  Well - that was until I moved to Austin, which I stayed there for 10 years (kinda still processing that one).  Now, my heart is searching for a few things.  Mainly - doing the will of my Father - Jesus Christ.  I've been told about contentment.  But it's so much more than that - there is SO much more out there and right here.  I'm torn between being single but wanting a husband; putting down roots but wanting to fly; securing a future but wanting to give it all away.
There are so many roads to travel - how do I chose? I know He is in me and He will guide me but it's frustrating when I can't see the destination let alone just a turn up ahead.
I continue to press in.  I'm thankful I have friends who I can turn to during these times.  Jesus is my Rock and I'm so grateful to have his guidance but it's hard sometimes.  Who ever said the Christian walk is going to easy is such a liar.  Just say'n. :) Cause it's said a couple of times in the bible that we'll face trials and tribulations.  Stand.  So - here I am Lord - standing with you.  :)  You are my strength.

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