Friday, May 11, 2012

OH the waves of life :)

YAY!  I've finished my stat class... now off to bigger and better things, right? :/  I'm still tossing around the idea of pressing forward for my MSN or dive straight into travel nursing.  There are so many options and boy does it get overwhelming at times when you start looking at all that is out there.
The main thing that I'm always falling back on is doing His will and what that looks like.  Everyday there is something new that I discover - not only about Him but about myself and how He sees me...even in the weirdest moments.
For example - today I went rollerblading with a good friend.  We were having a great time and I was getting the hang of it and was feeling pretty confident in my rollerblading skills.  So, we continued a little longer.  As we were coming up to the little turn around, I was thinking about a friend and it dawned on me that I should text her and tell hi and see how things are going.  Then I started to pray for her as I was rolling towards the end of the trail.  And then wham - my feet did some weird stuff and I fell.  My left knee did some awful twisting and I was on the ground in pain (kinda like one of those big football players who got clipped and cry out in excruciating pain and grip their knee - yay, that was me).
Thank goodness my friend was there by my side. She came swooping in and with gentle hands took off my rollerblades and made sure I was comfortable.  Then she went to get my car to pick me up at the end of the trail.  I hobbled over and started slowly walking to where we decided to meet.  One truck stopped in the middle of the road and asked me if I need some help because I looked hurt.  I politely said thank you but my friend was on her way to pick me up just a few yards down the way in that parking lot.
Well, I didn't make it to the parking lot. I had to sit down and wait because I didn't want to cause more damage.  She came all the way down to me in the car and helped me into the vehicle.  We stopped at one clinic who said it would take about an hour before anyone could see me, so we went to another place and they were able to see me immediately as well as get an X-ray and then some.
Thankfully the X-ray showed no torn MCL or LCL or of the like... Then I was fitted for a brace, given some crutches, told some instructions and given some prescriptions for meds.  All the while, my friend stayed by my side. :)  YAY for loving friends!!!
So - with all that said, God showed me a few things - He always has my back and surrounds me with the needed people and solutions; it's ok to lean on people for help and not try to do it all on my own; accidents happen but it doesn't mean anybody didn't anything wrong.  And now I get more time to spend with God because I can't go to work - so, the big challenge would be pressing into Him and not just wasting my time. :/
I think this would be a great time to really pray about my future and what path to take.  :)

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