Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sound Doctrine

This morning at church we have been discussing sound doctrine.  I love this stuff because it helps me know more of what I believe. :)  The series is titled Shipwrecked and I'd have to admit that this title draws me in because of a few reasons... 1 - I was shipwrecked, 2 - I was in the Navy, 3 - it just sounds inviting.
So, pastor jumps right in and talks about the question - does God really exist and if he does, what are his character attributes?
The theological arguments out there seems pretty interesting but I'd have to say I'm more drawn to the character aspects discussion.  The arguments highlighted include: cosmological, teleological, anthropological and ontological...
I guess these would be good to understand when talking to a head strong individual or someone who likes theology.  :)
But the message that spoke to me more was concerning God's character:  He's compassionate - so we cry out to Him; omnipresent - so we trust Him; eternal - submit to Him; sovereign - obey Him; he is patient - don't test Him; he is omnipotent - fear Him.
How many times have I not done the latter?  Too many countless times.  I'm thankful for a merciful, gracious and long-suffering God - but this time will run out.  What happened to the urgency of quickly running into his arms?  Here I am Lord Jesus, I run to you.  I have become so relaxed in thinking - aww, there's plenty of time left - but really, there isn't! Granted I get stuck in the thoughts of wanting to find a husband and start a family but in all reality I'm here for God and to be His Light - to reach out to the lost.
What a great eye opener - makes me look good and hard at myself and ask - how serious am I running hard and after the things of God?  It's a daily sacrifice and surrendering.  I am to be active in His life - He is in my life - no... more correctly - He is my LIFE. I am HIS life. There is no more me.

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