Sunday, April 22, 2012

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I took this challenge beginning March 25th, 2012.  I do have to admit - I was skeptical at first because - well it just sounded way too good to be true.  I had heard that you'll lose anywhere from 10-20lbs during this 24 day challenge. Then I researched it a bit and thought, HA - NO WAY for nearly $200.  But then I thought about all the things I've tried and seen without much results. So...I thought, ok, I'll invest in this product and see where it takes me and hopefully this will be a spring board for a better me.  Here are my before and after shots:
Front view - before

Side view - before

Front view - after

Side view - after
I didn't suck in my belly at all in the after pictures but I think you can really see the difference on the side picture.  I lost 11.5lbs and a total of 12.4 inches (you get various measurements taken).
In a nutshell this is the program:
10 day herbal cleanse - this is basically a detox program but very gentle.  The only difference is that I was urinating more because I was drinking more water.
14 day MNS program - this is basically revamping your metabolism.
You can do this challenge without exercising and see results but when I was into the 4th day, I thought I'd get my money's worth and workout! :)
Here are a few links that could help you out if you're interested:
Advocare - my page (I signed up to get the discount on future products not to make money - I have a great job as a pedi-nurse)
24 Day Challenge - here you'll find great information breakdown about the two phases with the links to the right hand side
Reviews - the good and the bad - I like to put the information out there so you can make an informed choice.

The best thing I did get out of all this was how to eat better and be motived! :)

Here's a spreadsheet I made up that helped me follow the 24 day meal plan and pills:
24 day challenge menu

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